“It ain’t necessarily so!”

Recently, on a long car trip, I listened to a set of CDs titled, “Everything You Were Taught Was Wrong.”  The sociologist/American history expert captivated my attention with one example after another about how young students of the history of our country were (and continue to be) given so much incorrect information in the classroom.  As the miles rolled by and I heard the lecturer trace what he called “B.S” (bad sociology) from before America was America all the way to today’s headlines, I began to apply this same concept of pervasive misinformation to how most people live their lives on a daily basis.

As a psychotherapist, I have found over the years that the most common cause of emotional disturbance, relationship difficulties and life choices in general is the lack of accurate and adequate information.  As a cognitive therapist, I have opportunity almost daily to help my clients examine their own assumptions and beliefs, as well as what they have been told by others.  One of the most effective ways to remain emotionally healthy and to foster good relationships is to keep an open mind and never assume that just because you think you have all the facts, you actually do.   We must be willing to ask questions, to examine what we have been taught and to try to look at life from other people’s point of view before we jump to conclusions and make decisions we may later regret.

Just remember: Just because we think it, just because we’ve heard it, just because we’ve seen it, “don’t make it necessarily so!”  Feel free to contact me and let me know your own thoughts on this or any other matter you would like to visit about.

Roy Austin 


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